Touching and being touched by the music

It looks like I am going to work through all five senses. OK, we’ve done hearing and seeing so let’s do touching next. When I speak of being touched by the music that is all around us I am not thinking of it in terms of emotion, but rather more literally. I find it when I pay attention to petting my dog. I have felt it at Rock concerts where the sounds literally vibrated my whole being. As a child with eczema I can remember “playing” with the itches that arose with a full range from exquisite teaseing to furious and bloody attacks on my skin. Remember the first time you ever rode in an open convertible, or stuck your head out of the back window in the family car and felt the wind make its music on your face? There was also the music that touches us in ways we don’t like. Anyone who has ever experienced an earthquake knows how terrifying that can be. Can’t leave out physical pains from banging our shins against a table to falling off a bicycle to broken limbs and dental procedures. I’m assuming by now that some of you are wondering where the music is in a dentist’s drill. All I can say is that that painful aspects are there, but so is the music and if I try to exclude it because I don’t enjoy this particular song my life is smaller as a result. In the book, “A Path with Heart” Jack Kornfield says, “The unawakened mind tends to make war against the way things are.” The way things are, from my point of view, is all about the music.  The hard part is paying attention on its terms rather than limiting ourselves.  We can have music or Musak.

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